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India was born with a shot heard in the world, Loktra was born with "Man, there is no answer on stackoverflow for this".We go through trying times when Perry was out of work, but we all bounce back. With our diverse backgrounds and go to extra mile attitude, as a team we stand by the following three badges in our work culture, output and hiring:

Excellent customer service: "The goal of a company is to have a customer service that is just not the best but legendary". By Sam Walton SO TRUE!!

Pride: Genuine pride in work produced sits at the intersection of skill & desire to do it well. When we pick a task, we are aware of the end goal, the impact of it, path to production, and belief in the need to do it. Then we go sharpen our axe, before we cut the tree. Build stuff we are proud of.

Commitment: "Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focussed effort". By Paul J. Meyer.



Work as and how you want. We only believe in deliverable. Work & play


All weeks, day meals, whatever you want home food quality


We believe it is better to have a small piece of a big pie, than the whole of a small pie alone. 


Productivity first. Whatever software hardware you need, it will be at your desk


Super talented people with no tolerance for good jokes; only PJ's


Hot office location with multiple amenities to make yourself always refreshed
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