Manage all the moving pieces of your sales team in one place
Ensuring high performance on the Move!
GEO-CODING AND TRACKING Now you can track your agents using location-based tracking and determine your leads’ exact location using revolutionary geo-coding and tracking features. Sit back and relax while we keep an eye on your day-to-day sales activities.
Geo-location Maintain a daily route plan so you can optimize your sales schedule and maximize sales. Handle everything from lead engagement to productivity reporting. Lead Distribution Cut out the hassle of assigning an agent to a specific area with automatic lead distribution and operations planning so your agents can focus on sales and not on unproductive tasks. Artificially Intelligent Activity Dashboard Our AI enables you to prioritise leads based on on-field progress tracking. Say goodbye to your agent’s pen and paper.
LEAD CAPTURE AUTOMATION Geo-tagging and lead capture automation allows you to keep a constant check of your leads with zero leakage, so you never miss an opportunity or a potential customer.
Field Sales Management Give your agents all the resources and tools they need on field without the hassle of manual reporting. Search Tools Our AI enables your agents with strategized technology, programs, and operations so they’ll have more power to engage leads and deliver impressive results, all under 30 seconds. Auto-Response Get live reports on the go so you and your team can track sales force workflow and eliminate the “what if” scenario.
LOCATION-BASED ANALYTICS With complete transparency, you can keep a check on high profile leads with geo-fencing en route.
Intelligent Lead Assessment Our Intel assesses leads and improves your conversation pattern using a conversion prediction model. Reliable Location Targeting Update your agent’s database with high potential sites and opportunities using conversion prediction. Lead Generation Our AI enables you to target everyone in your pipeline using customized consumer analytics.
CHANNEL PARTNER ENABLEMENT Seamlessly integrate channel partners to view, share, and link their database to yours for faster leads and higher sales.
Partner Engagement Log and integrate your channel partner’s database for a highly evolved ecosystem. Referral Incentives Run referral programs for your partners and gain more leads! With our Referral programs, you can now incentivize your channel partner on successful leads. Intelligent Market Segmentation With your partner’s archive, you can now share market strategies and improve sales based on interests, leads, and location.
EFFECTIVE LEAD MANAGEMENT High profile leads are important and we totally get that. Our engagement analytics keep a track of your most important leads so you never miss a lead score.
Lead Allocation Assign leads to like-minded agents for better performance and results. Lead Nurturing Based on successful historical trends, our AI can suggest the next best action for your sales force. Performance Reports Track and report activities with 360° visibility creating a completely transparent lead management system.
INCENTIVE MANAGEMENT Finally, capture all your incentives and sales force commissions with automated sales tracking. Infuse energy into your team to emanate unbeatable performance with 100% transparency and personalised scoring techniques over and above conventional incentives.
Top Performers Our top performers are showcased on our Leaderboard based on KPI’s. Up-Sell Intel Identify sales force performance and identify areas of improvement to level-up customer service. Gamification Score points and compete with others to improve user engagement. With our Leaderboard feature in the app, your agents can now compete with each other to achieve company goals.


We hold high grounds when it comes to maintaning security of data and other information and that is why we adapt best industry practices to ensure that trust in our operations is always ensured.

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