The Impact Design Can Have On Your Digital Business

Jun 30, 2017
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In a new report from MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte University Press, entitled, Aligning the Organization for Its Digital Focus, 44% of the approximately 3,700 business executives, managers, and analysts surveyed currently believed their organization is prepared for the digital disruption. However, that means that 56% of them don’t feel they are in the right place to join the digital revolution.

Whether your business has joined it or you are thinking about it, you’ll need some type of design or picture of what your model will look like and how you can address any issues that may arise from creating a digital transformation and then working within the digital environment.

Design Thinking Encourages Collaboration And Innovation

When you think of design, you may think it’s only a way of thinking meant for architects, graphic artists, and maybe software developers. Those working in these areas are typically given a problem to fix or a set of parameters that their client wants to achieve but are not sure how to get there. Using the principles of design, they conceptualize and craft a solution that helps their client by putting various pieces together to solve the puzzle or bring various elements together into something that is harmonious.

However, the philosophy of design thinking is an integral part of every type of business because it creates the framework for everything from products to the user experience. With the growth in digital businesses, design can also positively impact this industry by identifying what can be done in the digital environment to generate customer value and market opportunities. After all, traditional thinking does not seem to be working effectively in the digital space.

Design thinking is the place to start putting these wheels in motion by helping everyone involved to think differently about the problems or challenges they must address. Using the principles of design thinking means having everyone look at the same problem but come up with their own angle on how to address it. When those various angles intersect, the design thinking has led to a point of innovation that is vital in any business but particularly in the complex and fragmented digital world.

Design Thinking Support

That’s when it helps to call in a tech design firm to orchestrate research, design, and technology and assist with adapting digital business models and launching digital businesses. A recent example this is of how MU/DAI partnered with SalesForce Foundation and Douglas McCauley at the University of California, Santa Barbara, to fight global marine piracy and illegal fishing while ensuring the safety and health of oceans. SalesForce reached out to MU/DAI to design a new tool on a mobile platform that could combine machine learning, machine vision, and image recognition. The result: Mazu, an application that connects these advanced technologies while putting power in the hands of ship captains, Interpol, and global policing organizations. The application was demonstrated at Dreamforce, SalesForce's annual tech conference, and is now under further development for deployment in East Africa and will be presented at the United Nations Oceans Conference in June.

Lessons To Be Learned

Design thinking can be applied to every type of business because it is focused on looking at problems differently, which is useful to any company seeking to address various issues in how it is responding to customers in what is becoming a more digitally-driven world. Applying design thinking can have a positive impact on your business in terms of solving longstanding issues or clearing existing hurdles.

However, it can also change how people work together for the better, introducing a deeper level of collaboration, appreciation of diversity, and creativity that have combined to fuel the innovation that comes from design thinking. As the examples in the article illustrate, design thinking is driving change across the globe and bringing people closer together in order to transform into digital businesses.

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